Credit Control’s history in the collections industry started in 1989 and currently serves over 450 clients. Credit Control, LLC was formed in 2006 by purchasing a 17 year old agency. We are a nationally licensed, full-service receivables organization. We provide customized solutions to meet the individual revenue cycle needs of each of our clients. Credit Control has continued to focus on partnering with clients to collect past-due accounts receivable balances and develop strategies to further maximize their financial results. Our unique Artiva configuration, a state of the art technology, along with the professionalism and customer service provided by our trained and qualified staff equates to unsurpassed performance.

The Credit Control Advantages – Who We Are

Credit Control offers many advantages over our competitors and allows you full access to complete collection results.

Financial Stability

Sound financial management and a strong balance sheet have allowed Credit Control to grow by more than 40% for the past seven years. In spite of the challenging economy, Credit Control continues to work smarter and harder, which has allowed us to deliver strong returns to our clients. We take great pride in our SOC 1 certification as it ensures that financial controls are in place to maintain integrity. It gives our clients peace of mind that there is no financial risk in doing business with us.


We have invested in one of the industry’s top ranked collections systems, Artiva by Ontario Systems, which is a fully integrated platform with a centralized data store. The combination of this state of the art technology and our highly talented IT team allows us to maximize the capabilities of our software platform. All of the data generated from the integrated modules is stored in a single database, allowing Credit Control to quickly analyze trends, exceptions, and performance results, which can then be mined to develop better account treatment strategies.


Credit Control’s focus is on a seamless implementation process with the ultimate goal of making it simple to do business with us. Credit Control’s professional client services specialists are well trained and highly responsive, handling all requests in a timely manner and resolving any issues. Each specialist is specifically trained for the industry they support, ensuring they are highly knowledgeable in the unique collection procedures and regulations of each.


Compliance, ethical responsibility, and accountability are built into the culture at Credit Control. We are fully licensed and bonded, allowing us to provide collection services in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico and Guam. Credit Control is HIPAA compliant, PCI Level 2 compliant, and staff are monitored to ensure full compliance with client work standards, as well as all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

“We are a performance-driven company that partners with our
clients in order to maximize their financial results.”

Credit Control is focused on maximizing our clients’ returns on their recovery investment. This is accomplished through meticulous planning, disciplined execution and, most importantly, precise performance measurement.

Service Values

  • Meticulous Planning
  • Disciplined Execution
  • Continuous Improvement

Performance Values

  • Defined Performance Standards
  • Clear Expectations
  • Results Based Rewards

Employee Values

  • Commitment to Personal Excellence
  • Performance Ownership
  • Winning Attitude

Team Values

  • Open, Honest, and Respectful Communication
  • Active Participation
  • Mutual Trust & Accountability

Credit Control can help you achieve your financial goals.