We Are A Full-Service Provider

Credit Control develops custom strategies and delivers exceptional services to each of our clients. Our commitment to meticulous planning, disciplined execution, and continuous improvement translates into measurable results. Credit Control provides an array of services across the customer continuum, from relationship management and support, to loss prevention and loss recovery, to our specialty programs including our debt settlement company solution and pre-litigation & legal program.

Since 1989, Credit Control has delivered customized solutions to meet the individual needs of each of our clients. We continue to focus on partnering with clients to care for their customers, provide complete receivable management services and develop strategies to further maximize their financial results.

More about us

Customer Contact

  • Providing our clients with the facilities, people, processes, and systems to build value across every interaction across all communication channels
  • Five call centers strategically located for complete nationwide coverage (PT, CT & ET)
  • Customer Care & Business Process Outsourcing
  • Call Center Services – Inbound and Outbound
  • Acquisition and Retention Services

Pre-Charge Off Loss Prevention

  • Our highly trained agents work transparently with our client’s customers to successfully resolve delinquent accounts.
  • Cure Programs & Early-Stage Collections, Outbound and Inbound Teams,  Consumer & Commercial, Account Based or FTE Pricing, and System Flexibility (Client System, Artiva, or Hybrid)
  • Roll Rate Management, Increase Curing of Balance, Reduced Delinquency & Defaults, Internal Cost Reduction & Improved Cash Flow
  • Consistently outperform company internal groups with exceptional customer service and a customized strategic approach for each client and line of business

Third Party Recoveries

  • Fully customized recovery solutions that provide our clients with a complete collection infrastructure where our experience, technology, and compliance systems protect and enhance their brands.
  • Our seasoned and highly trained collection staff has consistent top tier performance recovering defaulted accounts and maximizing client recoveries.
  • Small balance programs, consumer & commercial lines of business, and all placement levels including Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quad, Quints & Warehouse.
  • Contingency Based Pricing with intelligent analytics through our Business Intelligence platform and Advanced Scoring, Segmentation and Predictive Analytics

Revenue Cycle Management

  • From first party collections to third party recoveries and litigation, our customized revenue cycle management solutions help increase revenue and lower the days in accounts receivable.
  • Dedicated Healthcare Division with a highly experienced team focused on revenue cycle management solutions with expertise in all stages of the collection cycle, debt types, and collection methods.
  • Helping our clients increase revenue and lower the days in accounts receivable with customized revenue cycle management solutions including: Early Out / Pre-Collect, Insurance Follow Up, Extended Payment Plans, Primary Bad Debt Recovery, Secondary Debt Collections, and Pre-Legal & Legal Collections

Debt Settlement Company Program

  • A single-source solution to a fragmented marketplace covering the industry’s largest providers that brings our clients existing relationships, agreements & infrastructure.
  • Augments existing collection strategies and handles the most sensitive accounts efficiently and compliantly.
  • Launched in 2007 and driven by our proprietary database, our DSC program operates from a dedicated facility with a highly experienced team of 60+ collectors & negotiators.
  • The Industry Leader – Outperforming competitors & internal efforts with higher hit rates, increased liquidations, and faster returns.

Pre-Legal Program

  • A comprehensive solution to resolve complicated collections, facilitate recovery and complete the revenue cycle.
  • Specialized Pre-Litigation Program including a dedicated pre-litigation negotiation unit, managed to each client’s specific SOW
  • Seamless transfer to our pre-legal program for all unresponsive, uncooperative and/or skip consumers for evaluation of eligibility and ROI for proceeding with litigation.
  • Improved liquidations on delinquent portfolios, reduced costs to our clients, and less exposure to avoidable consumer-initiated litigation
  • A centralized, single point of contact to manage pre-litigation and the entire litigation end-to-end process.