Credit Control strives to be a natural extension
of your business office.

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Credit Control can help you build an effective,
reliable collection strategy.

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Custom Solutions to handle the most sensitive
accounts efficiently and compliantly.

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We Are a Full-Service Receivables Company

Credit Control develops custom strategies and delivers exceptional recovery services to each of our clients. Our commitment to meticulous planning, disciplined execution, and continuous improvement translates into measurable results. Credit Control provides an array of services across the collection continuum, from early out to legal.

For more than 20 years, Credit Control has delivered customized solutions to meet the individual revenue cycle needs of each of our clients. We continue to focus on partnering with clients to collect their past-due accounts receivable balances and develop strategies to further maximize their financial results.

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Early Out Solutions

First Party Collections

  • Will work with customers as representatives of your company.
  • Strive to be a natural extension of your business office.
  • Initial collection efforts are maximized because of high contact rates and improved customer satisfaction.

Payment Monitoring

  • Cost effective alternative.
  • Offers experience, expertise, & value to your business.
  • Once a payment plan is specified, we monitor payments and maintain accounts until they are paid in full.

Letter Series Program

  • Customize and send a series of pre-collection letters directing customers to make payments directly to your company before being placed with an agency.
  • Designed to improve recovery through early action.
  • Separate accounts needing minimal effort from those requiring extensive efforts
  • Non-responsive accounts can be transferred into full collection program at any age.


Third Party Collections

  • Successfully handled some of the industry’s most demanding accounts for over 20 years.
  • Liquidation and recovery results driven by commitment to success, professional personnel, and continued investment in technology.
  • Deliver competitive recoveries and unsurpassed client services.
  • Help you build an effective, reliable collection strategy to boost your cash flow and alleviate concerns.

Skip Tracing

  • Outsourcing allows clients to utilize in-house efforts, while reducing losses with proprietary processes.
  • Processes use multiple databases to provide the most accurate information.
  • We can tailor a skip tracing program to fit individual portfolio needs.
  • Deliver information in a readable, cost-saving format.

Pre-Legal & Legal Collections

  • Pre-legal collection approaches debtors firmly and professionally.
  • We are fully prepared to continue the collection process through the judicial system upon written authorization, on a case-by-case basis.
  • If authorized, we will take the next step and comply with all state statutes and local court rules regarding procedures governing litigation of debts.

Bankruptcy Filing

  • Accurately and efficiently file Proof of Claims (POCs).
  • Review incoming correspondence.
  • Monitor incoming court documents for the life of the bankruptcy.
  • Any objections from debtor will be analyzed and negotiated.

Debt Settlement Company and Cease & Desist Solution

DSC/C&D Expertise to Handle the Most Sensitive Accounts Efficiently and Compliantly

Solutions to Creditor Challenges.

Credit Control offers an industry-leading solution for accounts in which the consumer is represented by outside groups. These sensitive account types fall under our Debt Settlement Company and Cease & Desist Solution.

Types of Accounts Included in our DSC/C&D Solution

Debt Settlement Companies

  • A large debt settlement company which handles negotiations with the creditor on behalf of the consumer. These large DSC’s typically handle the settlement through the entire process.
  • A mid-size DSC in which the company represents the consumer but typically partners with another group to handle some processing.
  • A lead/generation DSC in which the company “signs up” the consumer for the DSC program but outsources all processing.

Attorney Groups

  • Attorney groups who act primarily as a DSC
  • Small or individual settlement attorneys who negotiate settlements for consumers.
  • Bankruptcy/Other attorneys who attempt to negotiate settlements prior to filing bankruptcy or suing creditor on consumer’s behalf

Consumer Groups

  • Consumer credit counseling companies who typically re-negotiate the debt into a long term payment plan
  • Debt management companies who negotiate both settlements and long term payment plans
  • Consumer advocacy groups who typically educate the consumer in how to dispute and/or sue the creditor or agency.

Contact us today to learn more about Credit Control’s custom debt settlement company solution, our unique process to identify & value these accounts, match rates and our DSC database representing over $26B of debt.