First and Third Party Receivables Management

Early out solutions are popular with many of our collections clients, particularly since Credit Control focuses on creating custom strategies to fit each business’s individual needs. Many clients prefer our first party collections service, where we work with customers as a natural extension of your company. Others prefer our payment monitoring service or our letter series programs.

These are just a few ways that we can help. Learn more about our early out solutions or contact us for a free evaluation of your accounts by a collections professional.

First Party Collections

Our first party collections service is a seamless approach to achieving early out payments.

  • Will work with customers as representatives of your company.
  • Strive to be a natural extension of your business office.
  • Initial collection efforts are maximized because of high contact rates and improved customer satisfaction.

Payment Monitoring

Credit Control monitors payment plans to make sure that all accounts are reconciled in a timely manner.

  • Cost effective alternative.
  • Offers experience, expertise, & value to your business.
  • Once a payment plan is specified, we monitor payments and maintain accounts until they are paid in full.

Letter Series Program

Letter series programs are a popular high-touch method for generating payments, particularly as an early out option for debtors.

  • Customize and send a series of pre-collection letters directing customers to make payments directly to your company before being placed with an agency.
  • Designed to improve recovery through early action.
  • Separate accounts needing minimal effort from those requiring extensive efforts.
  • Non-responsive accounts can be transferred into full collection program at any age.

Increased Collection Rates

By utilizing Credit Control’s proprietary, cost effective early out procedures, we maximize collection rates for your business. Through years of experience and successful efforts, we have put together a highly effective and efficient group of strategies in order to help debtors submit payments as soon as possible.

Many of our clients interested in early out solutions prefer that we act as a natural extension of their business as a first party collections agency. Others prefer letter series programs, payment monitoring, or a combination of the three. All of these strategies are designed and executed in order to provide greatly increased collection rates thanks to a high contact approach that gets payments directly to your business faster.

Technology and Security

It is of the highest possible importance for almost any business these days to have the most up-to-date technology and security practices possible. This is especially true for collections, where sensitive personal information is exchanged very often. That’s why Credit Control puts a principal focus on technology, security, and compliance. The integrity of our clients’ information and the information of their customers is our highest priority. Upon request we are happy to discuss our certifications, compliance, technology, internal security practices, and management oversight.

A Long History

Working with an agency with a history and reputation like Credit Control’s will ensure that you leave your accounts receivable in good hands. It’s always important to inquire about an agency’s financial stability, certifications, affiliations, and even management philosophy. This is all information we happily provide to potential clients, a step that we feel helps to establish the trust necessary in all of our professional relationships.

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