Credit Control Has Solutions for Any Business Need

We specialize in providing receivables management solutions customized to your industry, but that doesn’t mean we’re just like every other collections agency. Our focus on keeping up with the latest technology for complete compliance and security, knowledge, skill, and experienced team sets us apart. We give our clients unmatched confidence that they have the very best on their side.

See how we help the selected industries listed on this page, or click below to learn more about Credit Control and the services we offer.

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Financial Services

  • Servicing top tier clients within the financial services industry since 1989.
  • Experience and expertise with consistent performance across multiple lines of business including credit card receivables, lines of credit, personal loans, DDA, business loans, and mortgage & foreclosure collections.
  • Our long-term client relationships within the financial services sector and growth into multiple lines of business are a direct result of on-going efforts to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Credit Control invests significant resources into all client relationships and continues to re invest in each relationship to increase performance, decrease expenses, and maintain the highest levels of customer service.



    • Dedicated Healthcare Division with a highly experienced team focused on revenue cycle management solutions with expertise in all stages of the collection cycle, debt types, and collection methods.
    • From first party recovery to debt collection and litigation, our customized revenue cycle management solutions help increase revenue and lower the days in accounts receivable.
    • Helping our clients increase revenue and lower the days in accounts receivable with customized revenue cycle management solutions including: Early Out / Pre-Collect, Primary Bad Debt Recovery, Secondary Debt Collections, Insurance Follow Up, Extended Payment Plans, and Pre-Legal & Legal Collections.


  • Focused on the higher education sector with expertise in all stages of the collection cycle, debt types, and collection methods.
  • Fully customized services & solutions for colleges & universities including: First & Third Party Recovery Programs, Specialized Loan Programs (Perkins, Institutional, Nursing, Health, etc.), Other Receivables (Tuition, Housing, Fines, Fees, etc.), and Specialty Solutions (Cohort Account Management, Litigation)
  • Credit Control regularly surpasses our competition performing collections on behalf of our clients including government agencies, guaranty agencies, and over 200 colleges & universities.

Telecom / Cable

  • Providing customized solutions to our telecom & cable clients that includes a scalable, flexible & complete collection infrastructure where our experience, technology, and compliance systems protects and enhances their brand.
  • Supporting the entire customer life cycle with multi-channel support, and programs specifically designed for many of the country’s largest communication service providers.
  • A complete suite of services & solutions, customized for the telecom industry, including customer care & support to first-party receivables management & loss prevention to third-party collections.

Auto Deficiency

  • A highly experienced, dedicated auto deficiency collection team focused on servicing our client’s auto portfolio and protecting their brand.
  • Utilizing a customer-centric approach to effectively connect with each consumer to ensure the highest levels of service while maximizing client return on investment.
  • Auto deficiency programs including customer care, pre and post charge off, pre-legal & post-legal recoveries, and fully customized programs based on client needs and SOWs.
  • Long-term client relationships with the country’s largest automotive lenders, dealers, and direct sellers.

Other Industries

  • Government: Providing a complete suite of services to a wide array of government clients including state authorities, departments of revenue & taxation, cities, and municipalities. Active programs include collection services for a variety of debts owed to federal, state and local governments, including overdue taxes, licensing fees, traffic fees, and other related debt. Our solutions help agencies better serve the public through increased revenues, reducing budget deficits, and programs that align individual agency objectives with overall public policy goals.
  • Commercial: Our proven accounts receivable management solutions are perfectly suited to commercial & B2B collections. From our beginnings more than 30 years ago, our experienced teams have handled some of the industry’s most challenging commercial accounts. We are committed to delivering maximum possible returns through our proven strategies, all with unequaled client service — no matter the size or nature of the account.
  • Utilities: From the largest utility providers in the United States to smaller municipal utility providers, Credit Control provides fully customized programs that meet each client’s unique needs and goals. Solutions for the Regulated, Deregulated, and Municipal markets with utility bill collections & recovery programs that preserve cash flow and support the bottom line with strict adherence to regulations and compliance standards.