Credit Control Has Solutions for Any Business Need

We specialize in providing receivables management solutions customized to your industry, but that doesn’t mean we’re just like every other collections agency. Our focus on keeping up with the latest technology for complete compliance and security, knowledge, skill, and experienced team sets us apart. We give our clients unmatched confidence that they have the very best on their side.

See how we help the selected industries listed on this page, or click below to learn more about Credit Control and the services we offer.

Services We Provide  Learn more about credit control

Healthcare Collections

  • Work closely with health providers to enhance profitability.
  • Superior and ethical services during the collection of healthcare accounts.
  • Maintain positive relationships with consumers.
Healthcare Services

Education Collection Services

  • Many years of experience collecting tuition and alternative private student loans.
  • Work with educational loan providers to ensure students understand all repayment options available.

Financial Services Collections

  • Create custom strategies regardless of size or type of loan portfolio thanks to Artiva, our flexible collection system.
  • Maximize recoveries.
  • Clients are able to maintain a balance between service and profitability.
Financial & Mortgage Services

Government Collections Services

  • Provide services that can ease the burden government agencies face in difficult fiscal and regulatory environments.
  • Assist in the recovery of unpaid obligations.
  • Compliment existing efforts to maximize recovery while maintaining the government agency’s integrity.

Utilities Collection Services

  • Thorough understanding of competitive and unique nature of these accounts and communication with customers.
  • Provide a variety of programs and services designed to maximize recovery.
  • Maintain customer satisfaction.

Commercial Collection Services

  • Help businesses manage cash flow in a cost effective manner.
  • Seasoned collectors familiar with large balance commercial accounts.
  • Handle first & third party collections and litigation if authorized.
Commercial Collections